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Real Husbands of Hollywood - S02E03

Reality-TV . Comedy

Still stuck on Selita Ebanks, Kevin decides to hold a series of fraudulent auditions for a movie that isn't being made with the hopes of meeting an actress to his liking. Things backfire when Bridgette shows up for the casting call. Meanwhile, Boris is finally convinced to do the stage play that Trina had pitched to him.

Episode Title: Frauditions
Airs: 2013-10-22 at 10:00 pm
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1. I Ain't No Mitch (feat. Kevin Hart) ( Performer: T.J. Atrillion Itunes )

2. I Like Her ( Performer: Osa Itunes )

3. Welcome to Hollywood ( Performer: T.J. Atrillion Itunes )

4. Mitches Do That (feat. Kevin Hart) ( Performer: Ramaj Eroc Itunes )

5. The Work (feat. Pimp da Pen) ( Performer: Black Chill Itunes )

6. I'm so Fresh ( Performer: G. Curtis Itunes )

7. Bang Bang ( Performer: Pimp Da Pen Itunes )

8. You Ain't Got It Like Me (feat. Yung Menace) ( Performer: Black Chill Itunes )

9. Cream Puff (feat. Lil' G) ( Performer: Black Chill Itunes )

10. Here We Go Let's Go ( Performer: Pistol Itunes )

11. It's Time to Party ( Performer: Pohrock Itunes )

12. Firefighter ( Performer: Dre Infinite Itunes )

13. Photo Shoot ( Performer: D'Anna Stewart & Busdriver Itunes )

14. Keepin' It Pretty ( Performer: Genise Itunes )

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