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Drop Dead Diva - S01E01

Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Drama . Comedy

When beautiful-but-vapid model wannabe Deb has a fatal car accident, she suddenly finds herself in front of Heaven’s gatekeeper, Fred, who declares her a self-centered "zero." Outraged, she attempts to persuade Fred to return her to her shallow existence but is accidentally relegated to the body of the recently deceased Jane Bingum. A brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney with a loyal assistant, Teri, Jane has always lived in the shadow of her more comely colleagues whereas Deb has always relied on her external beauty. Now, by a twist of fate and a bolt of divine intervention, Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane’s plus-size frame in the ultimate showdown between brains and beauty.

Episode Title: Pilot
Airs: 2009-07-12 at 09:00 pm
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1. Baby, I Need Your Loving ( Performer: Ben Feldman Itunes )

2. Begin Again ( Performer: Confetti Itunes )

3. Would I Lie to You ( Performer: Brooke Elliott & Margaret Cho Itunes )

4. On a Cloud ( Performer: The Platinum Pied Pipers Itunes )

5. Shake It ( Performer: Lil' Wendy Itunes )

6. I'll Get Mine ( Performer: Becca Jones Itunes )

7. Wish You Well ( Performer: Katie Herzig Itunes )

8. Beautiful Inside ( Performer: Katie Herzig Itunes )

9. Free ( Performer: Malbec Itunes )

10. Home ( Performer: Joshua Morrison Itunes )

11. Nothing At All ( Performer: Madi Diaz Itunes )

12. Don't Wait ( Performer: Dri Itunes )

13. Suite from Drop Dead Diva ( Performer: Scott Starrett Itunes )

14. Restraining Order ( Performer: Margaret Cho Itunes )

15. Unchained Melody ( Performer: Andy Davis Itunes )

16. The Last Thing We'll Ever Do ( Performer: The Daylights Itunes )

17. Hold Onto Hope Love ( Performer: Amy Stroup Itunes )

18. Make a Noise ( Performer: Katie Herzig Itunes )

19. Oh My Stars ( Performer: Andrew Belle Itunes )

20. The Pie Fell In Love With the Cake ( Performer: Margaret Cho Itunes )

21. Think I Said Too Much ( Performer: Sugar & The Hi Lows Itunes )

22. The Goldenhand ( Performer: The Parlour Suite Itunes )

23. Drop Dead Diva Suite No. 2 ( Performer: Scott Starrett Itunes )

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