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Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction.

Actors: Dave Bautista , Keri Hilson , Neil Napier , Noah Danby , Nolan Gerard Funk , Bokeem Woodbine , Jordi Mollà , Katee Sackhoff , Karl Urban , Vin Diesel
Directors: David Twohy
Country: USA
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For a cam, it’s very watchable. A/6 V/5. Tends to slip out of focus during the last 1/3 of the movie at times, but corrects quickly.

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
The A.V. Club

In an era of high-falutin’ tentpole sci-fi, there’s something to be said for a filmmaker still devoted to crafting plain old genre pleasures.

Bruce Ingram
Chicago Sun-Times

It’s nothing new for sure, but writer/director David Twohy...throws in enough entertaining touches to maintain interest — despite an overlong two-hour running time.

James Berardinelli

Riddick isn't perfect but it's a good high-octane sci-fi tinged action/thriller.

Adam Nayman
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

The quickest and easiest way to humanize an unlikeable movie character is to give him a lovable dog, and so it goes with Riddick.

Michael Phillips
Chicago Tribune

It's fun! Extremely violent, cleverly managed fun, full of eviscerating aliens.

Manohla Dargis
The New York Times

There’s one man alone, stranded on a seemingly desolate distant planet with only his wits, his fists and his voice-over. That voice-over is mercifully spare, the landscape atmospherically barren and the action nice and tight.

Scott Foundas

An improbable but very enjoyable sequel that recaptures much of the stripped-down intensity of Diesel and director David Twohy’s franchise starter "Pitch Black."

Marc Savlov
Austin Chronicle

While "The Chronicles of Riddick" was an overstuffed melange of CGI and unnecessary subplots, Riddick is a far more streamlined affair, and all the better for it.

Drew Taylor
The Playlist

Riddick, as a character, is best when he's alone, fighting against insurmountable odds, with narratives that serve his singular nastiness.

Matt Patches

Riddick is a fractured skeleton of a script, with each distinct installment scratching its own itch.

Kyle Smith
New York Post

The movie jogs along nicely without ever getting a case of the stupids; far from being a bloated “John Carter,” it’s just a pared-down yarn of survival: “Die Hard” on a planet.

Stephanie Merry
Washington Post

Riddick can be cheesy and silly, not to mention excessively violent, but it’s also fun.

Odie Henderson

Twohy's script contains macho dialogue so ripe it's embarrassing to hear it.

Tasha Robinson
The Dissolve

Riddick taps into a primal well of audience wish-fulfillment, but over the course of its unrelieved, monotonous length, it does its best to suck that well dry.

Barbara VanDenburgh
Arizona Republic

Riddick aims much lower than the stars and still doesn't quite hit its target. But when you consider a summer overstuffed with disappointing prestige pics that cost the GDP of several island nations to produce, Riddick's more modest (and less expensive) stumbling doesn't seem so bad in comparison.

Keith Uhlich
Time Out New York

Watching this see-in-the-dark muscleman brooding against gorgeous otherworldly vistas, all while crafting pointy homemade weapons and befriending a scene-stealing CGI canine (no joke), is a sci-fi aficionado's delight.

Chris Hewitt (1)

Overlong and often overcooked, this is nevertheless a relative return to form for Diesel as the fiendish Furyan.

Keith Staskiewicz
Entertainment Weekly

At a time when the budgets for sci-fi films are, like the universe itself, expanding at an astronomical rate, Riddick decides to go small.

Ty Burr
Boston Globe

This is back-to-basics stuff, which turns out to be not such a bad idea.

Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

An alternately kick-ass and clumsy piece of sci-fi claptrap that puts its empty head down and gets the job done.

David Hiltbrand
Philadelphia Inquirer

Purely as an action film, Riddick is passable, if grueling. The problem is tonal.

Peter Bradshaw
The Guardian

The results are by turns boring and bizarre, although Diesel still has some presence.

Justin Lowe
The Hollywood Reporter

Playing it safe with a script that offers Riddick up as a lone avenging hero, Twohy passes on the opportunity to effectively shade the character’s distinctive dimensionality.

Kevin Harley
Total Film

Too stodgy for B-movie suspense, too silly to shock, too sexist to stomach, Diesel’s return misfires.

Tom Huddleston
Time Out London

The aliens are unscary and easily despatched, Vin’s too silent to be interesting, and the other characters – a gang of bounty hunters on Riddick’s trail – are either dull or offensive.

Roger Moore
McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Like Vin Diesel, it has bulk, lumbering clumsily along as it repeats Diesel’s greatest hits — the ones that don’t require him to drive a fast and furious car.

Bilge Ebiri
New York Magazine (Vulture)

As a result, we get relatively little insight into the other characters as they react to Riddick. Without an unknown force to spark our own imaginations, the result is mostly dead air.

Amy Nicholson
Village Voice

The only reason to root for Riddick is that his name is on the ticket stub. But he's so dull and the hunters so weird that we're literally cheering for the movie to kill off its personality, one throat slash at a time.

Claudia Puig
USA Today

Move along, there's nothing to see and no one to root for in this murky franchise reboot.

Stephen Whitty
Portland Oregonian

It's the film, though, that remains handcuffed. The early part of the story -- with Riddick stranded on an unfriendly planet -- is taut enough, but hampered by flagrantly unreal effects and Diesel's punch-drunk narration.

Rene Rodriguez
Miami Herald

The entire movie bears the whiff of a vanity project — a modestly budgeted bone Universal Pictures threw at Diesel so he would keep starring in Fast and Furious pictures. Those movies are bank; Riddick is rank.

Nick Schager
Slant Magazine

For a film about a killing machine who can see at night, it's fittingly ironic that the film itself is, both narratively and visually, a dark, muddled mess.

Joe Neumaier
New York Daily News

The story feels like quicksand. Riddick, which couldn’t even qualify for proper summer movie placement, moves like Martian molasses and can’t present an action scene to save its life. You’ll wish you had Uncle Martin’s ability to speed people — not to mention awful movies — up.

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2. The Slam ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

3. Save My Family ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

4. Furyan Energy ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

5. The Sweet Spot ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

6. Pop the Cock ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

7. Hellhounds ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

8. Arrival At Helion ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

9. Aereon Fortells ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

10. The Animal Side ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

11. The Purifiers End ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

12. Imam's Death ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

13. One Speed ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

14. End Credit - Final Chronicle ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

15. The Chronicles of Riddick ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

16. Helion Attack Pt. 2 ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

17. Necromongers ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

18. Keep What You Kill ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

19. Hunt For Riddick ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

20. Final Betrayals ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

21. Show You the Way ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

22. Vaako Conspiracy ( Performer: Graeme Revell Itunes )

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