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Family . Comedy . Animation . Adventure

Dusty is a cropdusting plane who dreams of competing in a famous aerial race. The problem? He is hopelessly afraid of heights. With the support of his mentor Skipper and a host of new friends, Dusty sets off to make his dreams come true.

Actors: Dane Cook , Carlos Alazraqui , Val Kilmer , Julia Louis-Dreyfus , Brad Garrett , Teri Hatcher , John Cleese , Anthony Edwards , Sinbad , Priyanka Chopra , Stacy Keach
Directors: Klay Hall
Country: USA
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Owen Gleiberman
Entertainment Weekly

What Planes lacks in novelty, it makes up for with eye-popping aerial sequences and a high-flying comic spirit.

Drew Taylor
The Playlist

When Planes really takes flight, it can be boldly transporting. Other times, though, it feels like it's running low on jet fuel, full of limp characterizations and questionable set pieces.

Mark Feeney
Boston Globe

Planes has some wonderfully goofy, even ineffable, touches.

Lou Lumenick
New York Post

Often less really is more, and that’s why I can recommend Planes, a charmingly modest low-budget spin-off from Pixar’s “Cars’’ that provides more thrills and laughs for young children and their parents than many of its more elaborate brethren.

Dave Calhoun
Time Out London

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the animation or script. That said, the characters and story still offer low-key charms.

Betsy Sharkey
Los Angeles Times

For a movie about planes, a lot happens on the ground — those refueling stops can take forever. But the animators take advantage of the power of flight, packing the action sequences with daredevil runs. But it's a race, and a kind of sameness occasionally sets in.

Mike Scott
New Orleans Times-Picayune

Director Klay Hall's embraceable, overachieving romp plays nicely as a big-screen feature.

Richard Roeper
Chicago Sun-Times

Planes moves along quickly at a running time of 92 minutes, occasionally taking flight with some pretty nifty flight sequences. The animation is first-rate, and the Corningware colors are soothing eye candy.

Susan Wloszczyna

Planes modestly succeeds. Very modestly.

Claudia Puig
USA Today

Essentially Cars in midair.

Peter Hartlaub
San Francisco Chronicle

Airplane buffs are going to have a particularly good time; each of the planes seems to have an obscure real-life counterpart. And pop-culture junkies will appreciate a few sly nods as well.

Lawrence Toppman
Charlotte Observer

Elementary school-age boys may well be delighted, but it offers not a scintilla of stimulation for anyone else.

Michael Phillips
Chicago Tribune

Planes has practically no visual distinction, it's a complete knockoff, but I think it'll get by with the kids.

Michael Rechtshaffen
The Hollywood Reporter

While visually engaging, this production of Disneytoon Studios -- it was originally slated to go direct-to-DVD -- lacks the sort of character depth and dramatic scope normally associated with the Pixar brand.

William Goss

A visually colorful but otherwise vanilla continuation of the series.

Robbie Collin
The Telegraph

DisneyToon Studios have borrowed so much from Pixar here, and yet they seem to have learned almost nothing.

Angie Errigo

A Pixney misfire.

Keith Uhlich
Time Out New York

The characters may soar, but viewers’ spirits stay grounded.

Emma Johnston
Total Film

Little ones will love the bright action scenes, but the lack of wit and humanity that makes exec producer John Lasseter’s best work so special will leave grown-ups feeling frustratingly grounded.

Neil Genzlinger
The New York Times

Planes is for the most part content to imitate rather than innovate, presumably hoping to reap a respectable fraction of the box office numbers of “Cars” and “Cars 2,” which together made hundreds of millions of dollars (not to mention the ubiquitous product tie-ins).

Bilge Ebiri
New York Magazine (Vulture)

On just about every other level other than visuals, Planes is dry, dry, dry. There's no verbal wit, no standout vocal performances.

Bill Goodykoontz
Arizona Republic

Planes was originally scheduled to be released straight to video. Although the smallest children might like bits and pieces of it, there’s nothing in the movie that suggests why Disney strayed from its original plan.

Tasha Robinson
The Dissolve

It’s a pleasant enough expression of a series of familiar story beats, but apart from a few brief action-sequence moments, it could hardly be more rote or vanilla.

Justin Chang

Diverting in bits and pieces, but absent the heart, soul and ingenuity one associates with the best of Disney animation, the endlessly merchandisable picture could very well soar at the box office, but it won’t stick the landing where word of mouth is concerned.

Roger Moore
McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Planes looks, sounds and feels like a direct-to-video project, which in an earlier age when people still bought DVDs it would have been. In theaters, it’s nothing more than a laughless 90 minute commercial for toys available at a retailer near you.

A.A. Dowd
The A.V. Club

Perhaps one of the two already-in-the-works Planes sequels will crack one of these unholy machines open. That’d be about the only reason to return to this nose-diving franchise.

Phil Brown
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Despite gorgeous visuals from an army of Disney animators, the film is one of the weakest the studio has produced in years and deserved a bargain-bin DVD release.

David Hiltbrand
Philadelphia Inquirer

The animated film has all the hallmarks of a straight-to-DVD project - inferior plot, dull writing, cheap drawing.

R. Kurt Osenlund
Slant Magazine

The film feels second-rate in every sense, from the quality of its animation to its C-list voice cast.

Jordan Hoffman
New York Daily News

Little ones will stay engaged, but any kid old enough to fly unaccompanied will probably search for other in-flight entertainment.

Kimberley Jones
Austin Chronicle

What a clunker.

Amy Nicholson
Village Voice

Can a plane jump a shark when it's already in the air? To Disney, that question is moot. It's so certain that Planes will make a mint in toys, if not in theaters, that it's already slated a sequel for next summer.

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1. Nothing Can Stop Me Now ( Performer: Mark Holman )

2. You Don't Stop - NYC ( Performer: Chris Classic and Alana D )

3. The Girl From Ipanema ( Performer: Bobbi Page )

4. Fly ( Performer: Jon Stevens of The Dead Daisies )

5. Tere Bina ( Performer: A.R. Rahman, Murtuza Khan, )

6. Love Machine ( Performer: Carlos Alazraqui and Antonio Sol )

7. Anchors Aweigh ( Writer: )

8. Planes ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

9. Dusty & Ishani ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

10. Ein Crop Duster Can Race ( Performer: Dave Wittenberg Itunes )

11. Start Your Engines ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

12. Dusty Steps Into History ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

13. Crop Duster ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

14. Honorary Jolly Wrench ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

15. Skipper's Theme (Volo pro veritas) ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

16. Leg 7 ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

17. Skipper to the Rescue ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

18. Skipper Tries To Fly ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

19. Skipper's Story ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

20. Last Contestant ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

21. A True Victory ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

22. You're a Racer ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

23. Dusty Soars ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

24. Dusty Has to Ditch ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

25. Show Me What You Got ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

26. 1st Place ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

27. Get Above the Storm ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

28. Leg 2 / Bulldog Thanks Dusty ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

29. The Tunnel ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

30. Running on Fumes ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

31. Hello Lincoln / Sixth Place ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

32. Armadillo ( Performer: Mark Mancina Itunes )

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