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The Frozen Ground

Crime . Thriller . Biography . History

An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events.

Actors: Katherine LaNasa , Jodi Lyn O'Keefe , Radha Mitchell , John Cusack , Vanessa Hudgens , Nicolas Cage , Dean Norris , 50 Cent , Gia Mantegna , Kevin Dunn
Directors: Scott Walker
Country: USA
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Lou Lumenick
New York Post

Cusack and Cage — who don’t have any scenes together until halfway through — do their best work in years, while erstwhile “High School Musical’’ star Hudgens shows off acting chops missing in “Spring Breakers.’’

Roger Moore
McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Cage, without having to play a ghostly motorcyclist or hot rod driver from Hell or sorcerer or sci-fi hero or kinky cop, reminds us that he used to know subtlety. So even if Frozen Ground breaks little new ground in the serial killer thriller genre, there’s hope Cage will leave the ham behind before Alaska freezes over.

Josh Winning
Total Film

It’s handsomely lensed, and when Cage and Cusack finally go nose-to-nose, the fur does fly.

Kim Newman

With Cage as a harried cop, Cusack as a serial killer and 50 Cent as a pimp, we're assuming the casting department kicked off early on this one. Still, there's plenty in this taut thriller for you to stick around for, not least the reuniting of the Con Air duo.

Tom Huddleston
Time Out London

This is an unambitious, old-school thriller, nothing more and nothing less.

Peter Bradshaw
The Guardian

Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens and John Cusack give solid performances in this Prime Suspect-like thriller.

Gabe Toro
The Playlist

Ultimately, the cumulative effect is deadening, just another chapter in an endless battle between overtasked and underpaid good guys, and cowardly baddies; the only real humanity in the film comes from Hudgens’ Cindy, who seems like a wild card of sorts, her character’s dimensions suggesting a world outside of the lurid details of this case. Refreshingly, she’s the only one in the film who refuses to be defined by the death and tragedy surrounding her.

Dennis Harvey

[A] solid if unmemorable true-crime drama.

John DeFore
The Hollywood Reporter

Unfortunately, writer-director Scott Walker's film is a muddled and strangely inert one, generating little of the suspense or anguish its subject requires; despite its high-profile cast.

Stephen Holden
The New York Times

The movie’s only fresh element is the wintry setting, which shrouds everything in a mood of weary fatalism. Otherwise, it’s the same old, same old, efficiently discharged and utterly disposable.

Gary Goldstein
Los Angeles Times

Although writer-director Scott Walker seems committed to not overly exploiting his lurid subject matter, the movie is just too dreary, disjointed and generically creepy to be persuasive.

Rob Staeger
Village Voice

The climactic interrogation wraps up neatly and just in time, much more like a story "based on actual events" than the events themselves.

Matthew Kassel
New York Observer

A vague and forgettable crime thriller that would have benefited from more character development or at least a grounding of the narrative in one central protagonist.

Chuck Bowen
Slant Magazine

Taste and good intentions are only going to get one so far with a script this tone deaf and direction this ugly and monotonous.

Joe Neumaier
New York Daily News

What’s more depressing: that John Cusack chose the junky, un-exciting serial killer drama The Frozen Ground as his latest step away from John Cusack-y roles, or that Nicolas Cage chose to, at long last, be as un-Cage-like as possible?

Tim Robey
The Telegraph

Fans of Cage and Cusack, previously paired as unlikely allies in Con Air (1997), may be looking forward to a bit of deranged actorly combat once Hansen is cornered in the interrogation room, but it’s here that this hopeless flick comes up especially short.

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