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Reindeerspotting - Escape From Santaland

Documentary . Foreign

Reindeerspotting is a documentary film of a group of young guys living in Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, dabbling in petty crime and hard drugs. One of them, Jani, has lost five years of his life and two fingers to his debotators. He wants to leave Lapland and his old life behind. Robbing a supermarket is a start for his getaway. A few years back a documentarist, Joonas Neuvonen, was a young men living on social welfare, using drugs on daily basis. He started to film his friends and their life. This is the story of Jani.

Actors: Jani
Directors: Joonas Neuvonen
Country: FINLAND
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1. Pahoinvointivaltio ( Performer: Hannibal & Soppa feat. Jodarok, Jontti & Shaka )

2. Pöhinää ( Performer: Notkea Rotta )

3. Viimeinen erä ( Performer: Notkea Rotta )

4. Kusipäätutka ( Performer: Keimo )

5. HIMO ( Performer: Konna & Shaka )

6. Moottoritie on kuuma ( Performer: Pelle Miljoona )

7. Taiteilijaelämää ( Performer: Ismo Alanko )

8. Rollofunk ( Performer: Tulenkantajat )

9. Sit ku meikä pääsee inestä ( Performer: Yliurheilu-Jeff )

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