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Nurse 3-D

Horror . Thriller

Abby Russell, a beautiful, dedicated nurse with a sinister side, has a secret life in which she targets and punishes dishonest men.

Actors: Michael Eklund , Melanie Scrofano , Adam Herschman , Niecy Nash , Corbin Bleu , Boris Kodjoe , Judd Nelson , Kathleen Turner , Katrina Bowden , Paz de la Huerta
Directors: Douglas Aarniokoski
Country: USA
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Peter Sobczynski

It is ridiculously lurid trash from start to finish and anyone trying to argue otherwise is as crazy as its central character. However, while its aim may be low throughout, it at least comes close to consistently hitting its targets.

Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter

Voyeurs, at least, will relish the opportunity to ogle, in 3D no less, the frequently unclothed star as well as the equally gorgeous Bowden, who spends much of the proceedings clad only in sexy underwear.

Scott Tobias
The Dissolve

Co-writer/director Douglas Aarniokoski has a nasty little neo-noir thriller tucked into Nurse 3D, but he buries it in his all-chocolate-all-the-time conceptual sloppiness.

Chuck Wilson
Village Voice

If the onscreen serial killer isn't having fun, how can we?

Neil Genzlinger
The New York Times

Nurse 3D isn’t nearly as fun as a movie about a homicidal, sex-obsessed, clothing-averse health care provider ought to be.

Robert Abele
Los Angeles Times

Co-writer and director David Aarniokoski's clunky, crude blotch of prurience and bloodletting is too self-satisfied with its wink-wink naughtiness to be either fun-dumb or scary-sexy.

Ed Gonzalez
Slant Magazine

Rather than capture truly pained souls tangled in exuberant horror tropes, the filmmakers settle for retrograde anguish and warmed-over artistry.

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